Farm of the Future - Meet Our Faculty
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Clint CowdenClint Cowden graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in agricultural systems management with a concentration in irrigation engineering and a minor in agribusiness. Clint worked his way through college at many jobs including a primary job with Environmental Care, Inc., in San Jose, Calif., (now Valley Crest) which is one of the largest landscape and golf course management companies in the United States. Upon graduating from Cal Poly, he moved to the Sonoma Valley where he worked for Gallo Vineyards -- first as an intern and then as director of special projects (irrigation and vineyard design). 

After Gallo, Clint moved to Wyatt Irrigation in Napa, Calif., where he was the branch sales manager and the head designer for vineyards in the Napa Valley. While working, he decided to return to Cal Poly, where he completed all of the coursework for a Master’s degree in precision agriculture. Upon leaving Cal Poly, Clint and his wife, Joy, started Cowden Advanced Agriculture in Coalinga, specializing in irrigation design, scheduling and agronomic decision making in the Central Valley. After a few years of having their own business, Clint and Joy were offered positions with a larger consulting firm, J.M. Lord, Inc., and moved to La Quinta, Calif., (Palm Springs) working on one of the largest water litigations in history. J.M. Lord was hired by the Coachella Valley Water District to quantify water savings due to their growers instituting scientific irrigation scheduling and management. While in the desert, Joy and Clint monitored and consulted on over 75,000 acres on soil fertility, irrigation scheduling, drainage and integrated pest control. During this time Clint sat on the Advisory committee for WHCC’s Precision Ag program. When WHCC decided to create a new Precision Agriculture academy-style program, Clint was asked to help create the program. Clint decided that he would come for three years, create the curriculum, get the program started and return to industry. That was in 2003.

Clint and Joy have twin daughters.

Contact Clint via email at or by phone at 934-2701.


Chris ChaneyTerry Brase is an Ag Science Instructor at West Hills College focusing on teaching and developing precision ag courses. He has BS and MS degrees in Ag Education from Iowa State University. He taught at two Iowa community colleges for 30 years; teaching ag geospatial technologies for the last 23 years. He developed the first in the nation two-year degree in Precision Agriculture in 1995 with funding from the National Science Foundation. In 2001 he was the originator and Principal Investigator of AgrowKnowledge, the National Center for Science and Technology in Agriculture. He has been instrumental in two ESRI Special Achievement in GIS awards and the recipient of the 2012 Educator Award of Excellence at the International Precision Ag Conference. He is also Educational Consultant and Managing Owner of BrASE LLC, which provides expertise to ag businesses in developing precision agriculture educational programs.

Contact Terry via email at or by phone at 934-2709.


Dr Tim EllsworthDr. Tim Ellsworth joined West Hills College in August 2013 as an agriculture technology instructor. In addition to agriculture, he also teaches geology and environmental science courses. His primary academic areas of expertise are soil science, with a focus on precision agriculture and nutrient management, and distance education. Tim currently serves on the Advisory board for the Canadian Biochar Consortium.

Prior to joining WHC, Tim worked for 23 years as a professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where part of his duties included serving as the faculty director of the online master’s program for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Tim obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University, a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside. In addition to working at the University of Illinois, his prior work experience includes serving as a soil scientist with the USDA U.S. Salinity Laboratory, a visiting faculty member at the Centre for Water Research, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Western Australia in Perth and a senior scientist performing hazard assessments and hazard evaluations for the U.S. Army with regard to management of the U.S. Army Chemical Weapon Stockpile.

Tim and his wife, Jennifer, have three daughters and a son.

Contact Tim via email at or by phone at 934-2711.


Chris ChaneyChris Chaney is a full-time Agriculture Industrial Technologies Instructor, teaching welding, industrial maintenance technology and heavy equipment. After teaching welding as part of the Pathways out of Poverty and C6 for 3 1/2 years for WHCC, Chris worked as a Field Operations Representative for Neil Jones Food Company. While working for Neil Jones, Chris worked with tomato growers in the Valley to ensure quality and market timeliness for the processor.

He grew up in San Joaquin on his family's farm, where they grew cotton, alfalfa seed, corn, grain hay and ran a dairy. Chris attended Kerman High School where he won the national proficiency for Specialty Crop Production. After completing his American FFA degree, Chris attended West Hills College Coalinga where he earned his Associates of Science in Crop Science. He then transferred to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and earned a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Systems Management. While attending college, Chris owned and operated a hay harvesting company. An interesting fact about Chris is that he, along with two other West Hills College Coalinga Alumni, won the Junk Yard Mega Wars, a three episode mega special that included three separate competitions from LA to Vegas. 

Chris and his wife Kimberly have two boys, Josh and Caleb

Contact Chris via email at or by phone at 934-2705.


Clint CowdenCoach Justin Hampton is back as the Head Coach this time, after serving as an assistant coach and, prior to that,  as a student athlete here at West Hills College. Coach Hampton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program through years of teaching and competing at the highest levels. A seven time California Circuit Finalist and Circuit Champ in 1999 in team roping, Hampton is also an educator who served local school districts for many years at various teaching positions. 

Coach Hampton is excited about where the program is headed and enjoying the use of a state of the art rodeo facility. A graduate of West Hills College Coalinga and Fresno State University, Hampton is a product of College Rodeo, having qualified for the CNFR numerous times. He pushes the value of education to each one of our student athletes. Coach Hampton was raised in Bakersfield, California and now resides in Coalinga with his Wife, Jennifer, and two children, Abigayle and Elizabeth.

Contact Coach Justin Hampton at 559-934-2702 or

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