When you need help, West Hills provides it. At our Coalinga Tutoring and Learning Center, we’ll help you build classroom confidence and empower you to become a more effective, independent learner. Explore our tutoring and learning services below.
Peer Tutors

Peer tutors help you when you’re stuck and make sure you understand what you’re learning in class. Our walk-in policy allows for flexible scheduling so you can get help when you need it. Tutoring takes place in the library’s learning center and is available in multiple subjects.


WHCC Tutoring
  • Located just inside the campus library, WHCC’s Tutoring and Learning Center offers a variety of services specifically designed to suit your needs.

    Our intimate peer-to-peer tutoring services offer assistance in most subject areas and there’s no need to make an appointment - just drop-in during normal library business hours.

    Conversational Partner
    There’s no need to struggle when you want to improve your conversational English. Our conversation partners walk you through slang, phrases and more to help you learn the nuances of English.

    These study groups are designed to engage you with step-by-step study sessions with other students with similar challenges.  

    Online Tutoring
    No time to stop by? No problem. From subject-specific study cards to step-by-step video tutorials, we offer extensive tutoring resources online or schedule a specific tutoring time that works with your schedule. No matter what, we’ll be here to help.

    Online Resources
    Stay on top of your coursework, even when you’re away. We offer a wide variety of online resources, including tutorial and UpGrade schedules, subject-specific self-paced tutorials, self-assessments, time management, study guides and more.

  • Are you a West Hills College Coalinga student currently enrolled in at least six units, who earns mostly A and B grades? Do you possess an outgoing, friendly demeanor and enjoy working one-on-one or in small group environments? If so, we need your help.

    The Tutoring and Learning Center is looking for students who are interested in helping others while gaining valuable work experience. Tutors are hired on a regular basis. So, if you’re interested, please submit an application. Look for listings labeled “Peer Tutor” under your desired college location.

    Along with an application, you will need to provide your full name and college ID number, contact phone number and unofficial transcripts.

    Become a Tutor

  • UpGrade is a series of supplemental instruction sessions designed to help you succeed. The material covered during each session is specific to the class and the instructor who teaches it. UpGrade sessions are free to all students, with each tailored to fit your specific needs.

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