Board of Trustees

Upcoming Board of Trustees Meetings

  • June 28, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - Regular meeting, West Hills Community College District Office

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Trustee Area 7

Districtwide Trustee Area Map

Board of Trustees Code of Ethics

The Board maintains high standards of ethical conduct for its members.  Members of the Board are responsible to the following code of ethics:

"I pledge my best efforts as a trustee of the West Hills Community College District to

  • evidence good citizenship in community and state affairs;
  • refrain from making any decision or commitments concerning community college governance, except in Board meetings or when designated by the Board to do so;
  • avoid situations leading to conflicts of interest;
  • bring credit to the District through personal effort, either directly or indirectly, in business, social, professional and personal relationships;
  • make decisions which are responsive to the geographic distribution and social, ethnic, economic, and minority make-up of the community;
  • make decisions which give priority to the students;
  • keep informed on matters pertaining to the community college movement;
  • fulfill the responsibilities of my commission without regard to prejudice or partisanship."