Connecting To Wifi

Windows 7

Windows 7 clients will need to be configured before they will be able to connect to the WHCCD network. If you are on campus, you can temporarily connect to the WHCCD Guest network to download the needed setup file from the following location:

Please note Chrome browsers will not be able to download this file. Please use either Internet Explorer or FireFox. This example uses Internet Explorer.

1. Click here to download the Windows 7 Auto WiFi Configuration Application or visit Connecting to WiFi

2. Click Save 1.png

3. Click Open 1.png

4. Double-click the WHCCD_Wireless_Configuration.exe file to run it 1.png

5. Click Yes if you receive a User Account Control prompt. 1.png

6. Click the Configure Wireless button to attempt automatic configuration. 1.png If automatic configuration is successful you will receive the following message. If an error occurred, please call the help desk at 559-934-2002 for assistance.

7. Click OK 1.png

8. Click the Wireless Network icon in the system tray

9. Click on the WHCCD network

10. Click Connect


11. Enter your WHCCD username

12. Enter your WHCCD password

13. Click OK

You will now be connected to the WHCCD network. 1.png



  1. Click the Wireless icon
  2. Click on the WHCCD network


3. Enter your WHCCD username

4. Enter your WHCCD password

5. Click Join


6. Click Continue to trust the certificate 1.png

7. Type the password to your local Mac OSX account. This is not your WHCCD password.

8. Click Update Settings

You will now be connected to the WHCCD wireless network. 1.png



iOS Devices

1. Tap the Settings icon 1.png

2. Tap Wi-Fi

3. Tap the WHCCD network


4. Enter your WHCCD username in the format

5. Enter your WHCCD password

6. Tap Join

1.png 7. Tap Accept to accept the certificate. You will now be joined to the WHCCD network.



Android Devices

1. Tap the App Menu from the home screen 1.png 2. Tap the Settings icon 1.png 3. Tap Wi-Fi 1.png 4. Tap the WHCCD network 1.png

5. CA Certificate: (On Android 7.x and newer you need to select Do not validate. On older versions you can leave it set to unspecified.

6. Identity: Your WHCCD username

7. Password: Your WHCCD password

8. Tap Connect

1.png If all settings are correct, you will be connected to the WHCCD network. 1.png