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Policies and Procedure with Facilities Fee Chart

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Facility Charges - please call


1.  To Schedule A Meeting or Event

To schedule an event you will need to choose a sub-heading and follow

the procedure. Please turn in your request as soon as possible to ensure

your preference of date and time. Thank you.


If a request is emailed or called in, it will be placed on the Master Calendar

tentatively. If a Facilities Request Form has not been received within the

week of the email or phone request it will be deleted. Rooms and times are

on a first come, first serve basis.

     WHC Meeting / Event

  1. Fill out: Facilities Request Form.
  2. Review the Policies and Procedure: Policies and Procedure with Facilities Fee Chart
  3. Include setup or layout of event.
  4. Attach any brochures or advertising.
  5. Get appropriate signatures.
  6. Turn into Elva Torres


Changes To An Event

     Any changes that need to be made to an event after the Facilities Request Form has been turned in will need a new Facilities Request Form with all new signatures. This is to insure that club members, advisors, deans, administrators, etc. are all aware of changes made to that event.


     Multiple Dates

     Please fill out one form for each semester. Attach a list of the semester meetings that will be held and the times of each of these meetings.



     There are 3 ways to confirm that your event is scheduled.


     1. Check the Master Calendar that is available to all staff & faculty through Microsoft Outlook. This can be viewed      by everyone, but not altered in any way.


     2. Wait for your copy of the request to arrive thru inter-office mail. After a Facilities Request Form has been received in the Facilities Office it will be reviewed, scheduled, and approved by the Facilities Director. A copy will be sent back to the requester.


     3. Check your email for a confirmation and date to be sent to you.



     Community Meeting / Event

  1. Fill out: FacilitiesUseForm.  
  2. Review the Policies and Procedure: Policies and Procedure with Facilities Fee Chart
  3. Send original form, copy of insurance, & itinerary of event to:


     Facilities & Maintenance

     Elva Torres

     555 College Avenue

     Lemoore, CA 93245




     FAX to : 559.925.3844




     Drop Off : Building 800C Room 853


     4. A copy of you form will be mailed (or faxed) to you with confirmation and appropriate campus signatures.


     5.  Please bring your copy with you to the event as your receipt. Thank you.


*Any changes to your form will need to be submitted in written format.



**If you have any questions regarding facilities rental please contact Elva Torres**

Phone: (559) 925-3333/3250 Email: elvatorres@whccd.edu

2.   WHC Lemoore Calendar


The calendar is available for everyone to view weekly activities on the WHC Lemoore campus in regards to Student Activities, Athletics, Events, Programs, and Staff Meetings. Click the above link to pull up the current week's calendar. For employees, this calendar is also available in the Public Folders in Outlook.


3.   Facilities & Classrooms


Building 100 - Administration / Student Services

  • Lobby Area
  • Video-Conferencing Room

Building 200 - Academic Center / Classrooms

  • Co-laboratories
  • Lecture Room
  • Large Classroom
  • Video-Conferencing Classroom
  • Conference Center
  • Computer Lab
  • Quad

Building 400 - Learning Resource Center

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Computer Classrooms

Other Areas

  • Amphitheater
  • 300 Pad


4.   Charges ~ please call (559) 925-3333 / 3250 for current prices

      Policies and Procedure with Facilities Fee Chart


5.   List of Yearly Events & Activities

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