Course Descriptions

Kinesiology - KINES
  • KINES-002
  • Intro to Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • Credit(s) 3

KINES 002 introduces the study and application of psychological principles and foundations to sport and exercise across the lifespan and across activity contexts. This course is designed to promote an understanding of the concepts and applied principles of sport and exercise psychology. Findings and principles from the sport and exercise psychology literature will be applied to sport and physical activity participants, ranging from youth sport and community exercise programs to elite and world-class performers.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture
  • KINES-046
  • Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Credit(s) 3

KINES 046 is designed for prospective coaches, athletic trainers, and health and physical education instructors. Aids in the recognition, evaluation, and care of athletic injuries. Techniques in taping, prevention, and rehabilitation of injuries.

Class Hours:
36 Lecture | 54 Laboratory