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Are you a small business looking for your first employee? Or an established business looking to grow? West Hills College Coalinga Jobspeaker can help you! Jobspeaker allows you to post the jobs you need to fill directly to our students.
of employers seek employees who can communicate effectively
of employers seek employees with initiative
of employers seek employees with leadership skills

Why wait? Post jobs, internships, and apprenticeships today!

Posting is easy. Simply create a Jobspeaker account through West Hills and you can post jobs you’re hiring for and connect with students. Our students can apply directly through the Jobspeaker app or website and you’ll get resumes, cover letters and any additional information directly through the service.

You can decided how you want the jobs shared and with who and work with our campus throughout the hiring process.

You’ll be able to connect with candidates and find the right employee for your position. You can define how you want students to apply and what information you need from them. Through uVerify, you can easily gather, analyze and certify employment data.

Questions? Contact Justin Garcia at (559) 934-2172 or justingarcia@whccd.edu.

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Looking for additional ways to connect with our students and build your workforce?

From Apprenticeships to tailored contract training, West Hills offers a number of ways for you to connect with our students and build your workforce. .