Academic Regulations

The 2019-2020 course catalog requires a revision. The following sub section should read as follows:

Course Repetition

Certain courses are repeatable for credit. Such courses are identified in the catalog as repeatable in the course description with the number of times also indicated. Courses that are repeatable are approved for inclusion in this category on the following basis:

  • Skills or proficiency are enhanced by supervised repetition and practice or;
  • Active participation experience is a basic means by which learning occurs.

Students may repeat courses in which substandard grades (“D”, “F”, “NP”) were earned. Permission is not required for repeating a course when a substandard grade has been issued. Students are allowed to repeat the course one time only. Upon completion of a repeated course, the better of the two grades will be used in the computation of the student’s grade point average. Courses that are repeated shall be recorded on the student’s permanent academic record using an appropriate symbol. Annotating the permanent academic record shall be done in a manner that all work remains legible, insuring a true and complete academic history.

Course Repetition Under Special Circumstances

West Hills College Lemoore may permit students to repeat courses for which substandard grades were recorded. Repetition of such courses shall be permitted only upon petition of the student and with written permission of the Vice President of Educational Services based upon findings that circumstances exist which justify course repetition. Such circumstances may be a significant lapse of time since the student previously took the course, significant changes in technology, methodology and content have occurred or a higher grade is required by a specific educational program. When a student is allowed to repeat courses under these circumstances, the student’s permanent academic record shall be maintained in such a manner that all work remains legible, insuring a true and complete academic history. Grades awarded for courses repeated under the provisions of this policy shall not be counted in calculating a student’s grade point average.