Math Placement Calculations

West Hills College Lemoore

Important Notice: This chart is for reference only.  Be sure to work with your Counselor to determine which math courses are best for your intended degree. Students who do not meet the criteria to enroll in an single transfer level math course are required to add a 2 unit support course as seen on the chart below (e.g. Math 145 is the support course for Math 045). To determine if a non-transferable math course is a good fit for you, please see your Counselor.

Meta Major


Arts, Language, and Communication


Business, Hospitality Management, Information Communication Technology, Public Safety, Social Science, Health Careers, Child Development

Transfer Math Course:
HS GPA ≥ 3.0

*Math 045 (3)
(Contemporary Mathematics)

*Math 010A (3)
(Structure and Concepts in Mathematics I)

CD majors transferring to CSU Fresno have the option to complete this course instead of Math 25 (Statistics)

*Math 25 (4)
(Introduction to Statistics)

Some Business programs may require Calculus. Please see your counselor.

Support Course Required:

Math 145 (2)
& Math 045 (3)
Concurrent enrollment

Math 110 (2)
& Math 010A (3)
Concurrent enrollment

Math 125 (2)
& Math 025 (4)
Concurrent enrollment

Non-Transferable Math Courses



Math 052 (4)


Meta Major

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Transfer Math Course
HSGPA ≥ 3.4 or
HSGPA ≥ 2.6 and enrolled in a HS Calculus course

*Math 015 (5)

Support Course Required:
HSGPA ≥2.6 or Enrolled in HS Precalculus

Math 115 (2) & Math 015 (5)
Concurrent enrollment

Non-Transferable Math Courses

*Math 065 (5)
(Algebra for STEM)

  • Courses with an asterisk meet the AA/AS Math Competency Requirement for Graduation and must be completed with a C or better.
  • All students seeking to transfer must complete a transfer level math course. Courses numbered 001-049 are transferable.
  • Math 065: Algebra for STEM: Recommended for students lacking Intermediate Algebra or Integrated Math 3. Math 065 is also recommended for Health Science majors including Pre-Nursing.