James Preston selected as Interim President West Hills College Lemoore

West Hills College Lemoore today announced that James Preston will serve as Interim President at the Lemoore College, effective July 1, 2021, following current President Kristin Clark's selection as West Hills Community College District Chancellor.

Since joining the district in 2000, James Preston's roles include West Hills College Lemoore Vice President of Educational Services, Dean of Education, and Education/English Instructor. Additionally, his stellar contributions include: 

  • Innovative Faculty Professional Development
  • Strategic Enrollment Management to support student course requests and college fiscal sustainability
  • Program and Curriculum support and compliance that serves the community and student transfer and career priorities
  • Leadership in the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero-Textbook Cost Degrees and Certificates


"James has a proven track record of innovative leadership, and I'm thrilled that he is stepping in to replace me.  He is committed to the District's Relentless Pursuit of Student Success and the College's North Star—Student Learning and Achievement," said Kristin Clark, President at West Hills College Lemoore. "I'm pleased we'll continue working together to advance the District's goals for student success, diversity, equity, and inclusion."

About West Hills College Lemoore: West Hills College Lemoore offers innovative college programs for full- and part-time students. The new TGIF College supports full-time students learning through a collaborative cohort with Friday-only on-campus attendance.


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West Hills College Lemoore https://www.westhillscollege.com/lemoore/

TGIF College https://www.westhillscollege.com/lemoore/tgif/