Career Focus

What Can an Arts, Language and Communication Degree Do for You?

An Arts, Language and Communication degree can set students on any number of career paths and provides a well-rounded education. Students at West Hills College can major in several different areas and earn a variety of degrees from English to Studio Arts.

What Can You Do With an Arts, Language and Communication Degree or Certificate?

Students who earn an Arts, Language and Communication Degree or Certificate will find that they can enter into many different career fields ranging from artist to teacher. For example, a degree in Art or Studio Arts can prepare a student to transfer and earn a teaching credential to teach at the elementary, middle or high school level. A student interested in journalism, television production or broadcasting can earn a communications degree and prepare themselves for a successful career in the communications field. Budding artists can earn an Art degree, which will prepare them to pursue a career in art or prepare them to earn a bachelor’s degree related to the field.

The degree programs also all prepare a student for transfer to a four-year university. Students who earn an associate degree for transfer are also guaranteed admission to a California State University if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

What Can I Earn?

Income will vary based on career but students who work in California can earn everything from a median annual salary of $79,186 as a secondary school teacher to $32,450 annually as a radio or television announcer. Students who use an associate’s degree as a building block toward earning a bachelor’s degree have the potential to earn even more, but this associate’s degree also prepares students to find work straight after graduation.

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