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What Can You Do With a Business Degree or Certificate?

The business minded student will find many different degree and certificate opportunities at West Hills College. One of the biggest programs at West Hills College, there are several degree programs available in Business Administration, Bookkeeping and more. You can also earn certificate of achievements in everything from Retail Business Management to Office Technology.

What Can You Do With a Business Degree or Certificate?

One of the most versatile programs, a business degree or certificate can help you to succeed in any number of ways. The business program, whether you decide to earn a degree or a certificate, prepares student for entry level positions in bookkeeping, management and retail. It also provides a great foundation for students interested in transferring to a university to earn a bachelor or master’s degree and is a valuable program for students interested in starting their own business. Students who choose to earn the Business Administration AS for Transfer are guaranteed admission, if certain other eligibility requirements are met, into a California State University.

Business program students learn the ins and outs of the business world including how to use Microsoft Office, basic business math, business communication and management theory. The program will prepare you to find a job in the business field or transfer if you wish to continue furthering your education.

What Can I Earn?

As a retail manager, your wage will vary depending on what business you work for, but the average wage for a retail sales supervisor in California in 2018 was $40,857 a year while the high wage was $52,220. As an office supervisor, you can expect an average wage of $59,542. Bookkeeper clerks earned an average of $46,103 a year in 2018 while Accountants earned an average of $76,678 a year! Your earning power will also increase if you choose to earn a bachelor’s degree, which the business program prepares students to do.

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