Considering a Career in Education Administration?

Do you have a dream of improving the education system for children? Becoming an Education Administrator will be the perfect career for you! West Hills College offers multiple degrees and certificates in Child Development designed for students who are interested in the education field.

What does an Education Administrator do?

As an Education Administrator, you will be tasked with helping to improve the teaching and environmental conditions of either public or private schools. An Educational Administrator must work well with a team and have good critical thinking skills that will help solve problems at the school they work at if they arise. You will work closely with teachers and staff to keep their curriculum standards up to date and to help them improve in areas that students had tested weak in. There may be instances where you talk to the parents of the students who have exhibited behavioral or learning problems. You will lead the school and be responsible for many different tasks within it.

If you choose to focus on preschool or early education administration, you will guide the early education of your students and lead your teachers.

West Hills College will make you well prepared for this position. The degrees and certificates offered at West Hills College will help you to improve the conditions for the students and staff of the school that you work at. Although employers are looking for those with at least a Bachelor’s degree, by enrolling to West Hills, you are already on the right path towards your career as an administrator!

What would I earn as an Education Administrator?

As an Education Administrator in preschools and child care centers, on average in California, you can make an average of $50,745 a year and more depending on where they work.

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