Social Science

Considering a Career in Social Work?

Looking for a career that helps underprivileged people get the assistance they need to live a better life? Being an eligibility worker will be the perfect career for you! At West Hills College, the certificate program that you undertake will help you towards your career as an eligibility worker.

What do Eligibility Workers do?

An eligibility worker determines if their client meets the requirements necessary to receive government aid. That aid can come in the form of social security, welfare, public housing, and unemployment benefits. Eligibility workers answer questions that their clients may have and explain eligibility requirements, payment methods, the legal rights of the applicant, and application details. The certificate program that you take at West Hills College will give you the knowledge necessary to answer those questions. West Hills College’s certificate program will give you the skills necessary to become a successful eligibility worker and help those in need!

What would I earn as an eligibility worker?

In 2018, the average annual income of an eligibility worker in California was between $50,729.

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