Consider an Exciting Career as a Field Biologist!

Interested in learning how the environment changes the organisms that live within it? Want to teach others about these changes? Consider a career as a Field Biologist! West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to excel in your future career as a field biologist.

What do Field Biologists do?

Field biologists work in various areas around the world and observe how plants and animals interact with the environment. Some will be required to live in the environment that they were assigned for a long period of time to have a thorough analysis and collect an extensive amount of data. Field Biologists tag animals with a GPS to track their movements and see their migration patterns. They may also transport endangered animals and take them to a sanctuary or help animals born in a zoo get accustomed to the wild after their release. A field biologist may encounter a new species of plant or animal. If this occurs, it is their job to take a sample of the plant or animal, classify it, perform experiments, and observe its growth within the environment.  

West Hills College’s degree programs will prepare you for what will be in store for you in this career. At West Hills College, the degree program you undertake will help you further your education at a four-year college or university and start your career as a field biologist.

What would I make as a Field Biologist?

In 2017, the average wage of a field biologist was $62,290.

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