Thinking About Becoming a High School Teacher?

Do you enjoy helping others and expanding the minds of our society’s youth? Consider a career as a high school teacher! With West Hills College's degree and certificate programs you can learn what you need to know to pursue this rewarding career.

What do High School Teachers do?

As a High School Teacher, you will be tasked with furthering the education of students grades nine through twelfth in subjects such as science, English, art, and mathematics. There are some in this field who specialize in one subject, while others teach two or more related subjects such as English and drama or even physics and math. As a Secondary School Teacher, it is important to continually meet the California and Federal Government standards of teaching as well as updating your skills in the latest technology.

High School Teachers help their students not only in their schoolwork, but in their real world situations as well. They often help their students with finding courses or finding a job. In many cases, a teacher will keep in contact with their students after they graduate to follow up on their progress.

West Hills College degrees give you all the basic skills you need to transfer to a four-year university/credential program and eventually start your career as a teacher!

What would I earn as a High School Teacher?

The average wage for a high school teacher in 2018 was $79,186 in California.

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