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What Can You Do With an Information, Communication, Technology Degree or Certificate?

For students interested in the ever evolving fields of communication technology and computer science, the Information Communication Technology program is a great fit. West Hills College offers degrees in Computer Information Systems (CIS) as well as certificate of achievements in CIS and networking.

What Can You Do With an Information Communication Technology Degree or Certificate?

An Information Communication Technology degree or certificate will prepare you for a career in the fast growing field of communication technology or give you the specific skills necessary to succeed in a portion of that field such as web design. Degrees and certificates in this program give you the basic skills to operate popular computer applications, understand the CIS field and a knowledge of computer networking, web design experience, and more.

With an information communication technology degree or certificate, students can enter the field of information communication technology and careers in web design, computer programming and computer networking. They will graduate with the basic knowledge necessary to secure a job in this fast growing field. Students can also build upon an associate’s degree by transferring to a university.

What Can I Earn?

This field is wide and varied but students can earn an excellent salary ranging from an average $95,068 a year as a computer programmer in California to $78,069 as a web developer. Computer network support specialists can make an average of $73,195 per year. With additional work experience, even more growth is possible.

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