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What Can You Do With a Social and Behavioral Science Degree or Certificate?

A social and behavioral science degree or certificate provides a great basis for students interested in everything from political science to psychology and sociology. West Hills College offers degrees in Psychology, Social Science and Social and Behavioral Science. Several associate’s degree for transfer are offered including in Psychology and Sociology. Degrees for Transfer guarantee entry into a California State University if certain eligibility requirements are met. Local certificates are also available in Human Services and Social Work.

What Can You Do With a Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree or Certificate?

Students can pursue several different career paths with a social and behavioral sciences degree or certificate. A psychology associate’s degree prepares teaches students all the entry-level skills and knowledge they need to transfer to a four-year university and major in psychology while the sociology degree gives an introduction to major sociological concepts while also prepare students for transfer. Our Liberal Arts degrees both give an introduction to social science and positions students to pursue a degree in many different majors ranging from economics to social work.  

Our certificate programs give students the skills needed to seek specific work within the social and behavioral sciences field. The Social Work certificate provides an introduction to the social welfare field and prepares students for entry level work in the Department of Social Services. Our other local certificates, including our Social Work Assistant and Substance Abuse certificates, are perfect for those interested in find entry level work in this field or for currently working individuals looking to increase their skills.

What Can I Earn?

Psychologists made an average wage of $111,285 in 2018 while social workers made an average salary of $68,168 per year. Entry level eligibility workers made an average $50,789 a year in California in 2018 Mental health and substance abuse social workers made an average $50,520 a year in 2018.

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