To the Moms Who Do it All

To the moms who are counting down the seconds to get home from work so they can spend time with their babies.

To the moms who are stay at home or work from home moms who are begging for just 5 minutes of time to themselves.

To the moms who are going to school, working multiple jobs, and still finding the time to spend with their children.

To the moms who are doing it alone.

To the moms who are bonding with their babies born via surrogacy, or to someone else entirely.

To the moms who are having an extremely difficult Mother’s Day this year because it’s the first or twenty-first one since they lost their child.

To the someday-moms who have tried and tried but are still waiting their turn.

To the someday-moms waiting by the phone for the call that there is a child in need of a family.

To the moms who feel like they’re either failing or drowning.

To the moms who have it all together.

To the moms whose babies are sleeping in the other room, and to the moms whose babies live way too far away.

To the moms whose babies are having babies.

To all the moms, and mother-like figures who do it all, day in and day out, I hope that your day was filled with the outpouring of love that you give to your children.  

Happy Mother’s Day.

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