AB 86


The State of California has recognized a tremendous gap in the education that is available to adults who need additional assistance in gaining Elementary and Secondary basic skills. Assembly Bill 86 (http://aebg.cccco.edu/) information is available online. AB86 short for the bill, request that many colleges lead a consortium of schools to build an “educational plan” that can serve the needs of their communities. West Hills College has been asked to lead a consortium of members and partners in our district. This site will help you find out about the consortium members and partners involved and more about what the plan addresses. Some of the focus areas are listed below.

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Classes for eligible immigrants in citizenship/English as a second language/ and workforce basic skills.
  • Education for adults with disabilities
  • Short-term Career Technical Education programs
AB86 Purpose:

The purpose of AB86 Section 76, Article 3 is to provide grant funds to Regional Consortium(s) to create and implement a plan to better provide adults in its region with all of the following:

  • Elementary and secondary basic skills, including classes required for a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate
  • Classes and courses for immigrants eligible for education services in citizenship and English as a second language and workforce preparation classes in basic skills
  • Education programs for adults with disabilities
  • Short-Term career Technical Education programs with high employment potential
  • Programs for apprentices
The West Hills Adult Education Consortium:
Hanford Joint Union High School District
Lemoore Union High School District
Fresno County Workforce Investment Board
Kings County Job Training Office
Hanover Research

Reef-Sunset Unified School District
Firebaugh Las Deltas Unified School District
Coalinga-Huron Unified School District
Lemoore Union High School District

Mendota Unified School District
Golden Plains Unified School District
Crossroads Charter Academy
West Hills College Coalinga
West Hills College Lemoore

Adult Education related Websites:

AB86 State Website - http://aebg.cccco.edu/ 
CA Adult Literacy - https://www.calpro-online.org/
CA Basic Skills Initiative - http://www.cccbsi.org/
CA Council for Adult Education - http://www.ccaestate.org/
OTAN Outreach & Technical Assistance Network (for Adult Learners) http://www.otan.us/
CA Adult Schools - http://californiaadultschools.org/cas/
Adult School Search http://www.otan.us/caaeproviders/index.cfm?fuseaction=adv2

Area Adult Schools:

Mendota Adult School – 241 Smoot Ave. - Mendota, CA  (559) 655-4471
Firebaugh Adult School – 1666 Saipan Ave. - Firebaugh, CA (559) 659-3899
Avenal Adult School – 205 N. Park Ave. – Avenal, CA  (559) 386-9083  
Hanford Adult School – 905 Campus Dr. – Hanford, CA  (559) 583-5905

Research and Findings: 


Final Plan