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"A few years ago, I started to bring food to class. I put the food box on an empty desk, in the center of the classroom, and it stays there until class is done. Students are welcomed to get as much as they want, at any time. Oranges, granola bars, crackers, almonds, pretzels, trail mix… The food box has options, but it carries more than that. It provides students with potential because it eliminates, for some, the emptiness that hunger creates. When that emptiness is removed, even momentarily, students thrive and connect and learn. Occasionally, when class is done, I see a student hover above that food box to see what is left. I ask if they would like to take more. Their mind and their face smiles. That is how I know the need for nourishment is much deeper than our classroom food box…"

Libra Howard, Lemoore College Faculty
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"The relentless pursuit of student success requires eliminating hunger and feeding the mind."