West Hills Community College District Unveils Name Changes and New Slogans in Momentous Rebranding Effort

In a historic move, the West Hills Community College District has officially changed the names of its two cornerstone colleges: West Hills College Coalinga is now Coalinga College, and West Hills College Lemoore is now Lemoore College. This change, effective as of April 1, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the district's ongoing commitment to education, community service, and student success.

Chancellor Dr. Kristin Clark of the West Hills Community College District articulated the necessity of this evolution, stating, "Our institutions, while they share a common goal of educational empowerment, each has unique characters that resonate with their respective student bodies and communities. The communities were in favor, voters petitioned, students and staff supported, and finally, it was approved by the board of trustees of West Hills Community College District. We're embarking on a new era of educating our communities while honoring our distinguished legacy."

Coalinga College: Better Tomorrows Begin Here
Adopting a new slogan, "Better Tomorrows Begin Here," Coalinga College signals a forward-looking stance on education, emphasizing the role of the college in shaping the future of its students and the broader community. President Carla Tweed shared her insights on the significance of the slogan, stating, "It embodies our commitment to not just providing education, but also hope, direction, and a concrete path toward a brighter future for our students and community. This slogan represents a promise, a beacon that guides our students towards achieving their dreams and creating better tomorrows today."

Lemoore College: Flex Your Future
Lemoore College introduces its empowering new slogan: "Flex Your Future." A reflection of the college's mission to provide adaptable and comprehensive education, the slogan encapsulates the institution's commitment to student empowerment and future readiness. President James Preston elaborates, "One of our strategic goals is flexible spaces and services highlighting our innovative nature. Our flexibility means we can meet students where they are, providing the support they need to succeed."

Through these changes, the West Hills Community College District reaffirms its dedication to serving its community with tailored educational opportunities, resources, and support. "Keeping the long-standing tradition and recognition of the district in mind, the district's name will remain the West Hills Community College District and maintain its well-known slogan, 'Once you go here, you can go anywhere,'" Chancellor Clark added.

The district is excited to embark on this new chapter, upholding its legacy of excellence and innovation in education and community building. For more information on the name changes and the initiatives underway at Coalinga College and Lemoore College, please visit www.westhillscollege.com