Institutional Exam


If you already know what is taught in a course, one way to show it is through an institutional exam.  Institutional exams are designed and administered by West Hills College faculty subject matter experts.

  1. To begin, meet with a counselor to discuss your interest in completing an institutional exam for a specific course in your education plan. Counselors can inform you about the option, if it is available for the course, and help you make your request.
  2. Once your request is approved, schedule the exam with the instructor, pay the assessment fee, and complete the exam.


  • An institutional exam is equal to the per unit enrollment cost of the course (example: the cost of the institutional exam for a 3 unit course is $138.00 at $46.00 per unit). Fees do not guarantee the awarding of credit. Fees are non-refundable.
    See current Cost of Attendance.  [BROKEN LINK]
  • 15 units may be earned through credit by institutional examination.  However, credits earned by institutional examination will not be counted in determining the 12 semester hours of credit in residence required for an associate degree.
  • Yes.  The grade you earn on the institutional exam will appear on your academic record.
  • Credit earned through institutional exams may be used in determining admissions eligibility at California State University per EO1036 and may be applied to fulfilling IGETC per IGETC Standards.   However, colleges and universities have the discretion to accept/deny credit and limit the number of units applied toward majors.  Contact the institution you intend on transferring to for more information.