Military Service/Training


Veterans and active duty service members who completed training and instruction while in the military can have their military transcript called the Joint Services Transcript (JST) evaluated for credit.  West Hills Colleges will evaluate the JST and award credit following the recommendations by American Council on Education (ACE) Directory. 

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Veterans Counselor.
  2. Submit your official Joint Services Transcript for evaluation with your counselor.
  3. Grades and grade points will not be assigned to college credits granted through military experience.


  • Visit the following website to request your Joint Services Transcript:
  • There is no cost to evaluate a Joint Services Transcript.
  • A maximum of 27 semester units of elective degree credit may be awarded for those service schools that the ACE Directory recommends for specific lower division credit, but for which the colleges of the District do not offer a specific equivalent.
  • No.  Grades and grade points will not be assigned to college credits granted for training or instruction through the military.
  • Credit awarded for formal instruction while in the military is used in determining admissions eligibility at California State University per EO1036.  However, each campus has the discretion to determine the extent to which units are applied either as major, general education, or elective credit. University of California may award credit for military service courses after a student has matriculated per UC Transfer Policy.  Contact the institution you intend on transferring to for more information.