West Hills Community College District

District Communities

West Hills Community College District (WHCCD) is a multi-college district that serves approximately 10,000 students (5,100 FTES) in a service area that spans 3,464 square miles on the Westside of Fresno and Kings counties.

WHCCD, widely recognized for innovation and advocacy, educates rural communities challenged with economic, logistical, and infrastructure equity, accessibility, and opportunity. WHCCD leads and supports collaborative efforts to increase educational attainment rates and regional economies toward upward mobility.

Although educational attainment may provide community members with credentials to better employment options, WHCCD also realizes continued economic development in Fresno and Kings County is needed to support a more robust workforce. We seek to broker and steward collaborative relationships, projects, and programs that address economic security on the Westside and encourage cultural transformation through public-private partnerships and local initiatives.  

West Hills At A Glance 

Coalinga College - Coalinga, CA


Coalinga College inspires all learners to recognize their potential and achieve their goals through the delivery of high-quality academic instruction, programs, and support services. The college fosters equity and economic mobility by providing the environment to think critically, communicate effectively, and develop leadership skills to support our diverse communities.

Lemoore College - Lemoore, CA


Lemoore College is dedicated to student learning and achievement by providing quality programs, pathways, and services that lead to certificates, associate degrees, transfer, and employment. Our college serves a diverse community of students who seek a cost-effective, relevant, and engaging educational experience. We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all students and aim to cultivate an inclusive, equitable, and collegial climate.

Firebaugh Center - Firebaugh, CA


Firebaugh Center is an educational center of Coalinga College dedicated to serving the residents of the Firebaugh/Mendota area.