Speech: Time, Place, and Manner

The students and employees of the District and members of the public shall be permitted to exercise their rights of free expression subject to the time, place, and manner policies and procedures contained in BP 3900/AP 3900 (Speech: Time, Place, and Manner) and these procedures.

Areas generally available to students and the community are defined as grassy areas, walkways, or other similar common areas, except as otherwise authorized by law, and/or by BP 6700/AP 6700 (Facilities Use). The areas generally available to students and the community are designated public forums. Areas generally available to students and the community do not include the following areas, which are nonpublic forums.

  1. Areas within 25 feet of doorways opening to outdoor areas of campus;
  2. All “Interior District Property,” which is defined for purposes of this regulation to include all interior portions of District facilities, including, without limitation, administration buildings, classrooms, libraries, learning centers, indoor cafeteria/food service facilities, lecture halls, residence halls (Coalinga College) podcast studio (Lemoore College), laboratories, computer rooms, research centers, communication centers, campus offices, performing art facilities, indoor athletic facilities, warehouses, maintenance buildings and areas within the outdoor athletic facilities, parking lots, and maintenance yards.

These areas are chosen to provide visibility and allow communication to a large number of students, administrators, faculty, and others walking or traveling on campus, but also so as not to disrupt educational and other activities of the District on behalf of students.

Non-student, community groups wishing to engage in speech or expressive activities on campus, in the areas designated as public forums, must check in with the College’s Vice President of Student Services’ Office or designee prior to engaging in the activities. No illegal activities will be permitted, no activities that violate District policies or procedures, including procedures and laws on illegal harassment and discrimination, and none that will substantially interfere with or disrupt activities already scheduled for that day and time in the designated areas, as described above. In the event the area sought to be used for expressive activities has already been reserved for another activity so that there will be substantial interference or disruption based on noise, overcrowding, or other considerations unrelated to content, the District will offer alternative available areas or if none are available, offer alternative dates. Students, outside organizations, and others are encouraged to make reservations in advance to use the areas for their expressive activities by using the following form


All persons using the areas that are designated public forums shall be allowed to distribute petitions, circulars, leaflets, newspapers, and other printed matter. Such distribution shall take place only within those areas. Those persons distributing printed material must, prior to their departure from the areas that day, make reasonable efforts to retrieve, remove or properly discard material that is discarded or dropped in or around the areas other than in an appropriate receptacle.

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