Institutional Data



Enrollment - A student is considered enrolled if he or she receives an end-of-term notation that is displayed on their official transcript (letter grade, W, I, etc.)

Success Rate - The number/percent of students who earn a grade of A, B, C, or CR in the class. Course grades of NC, D, F or W are considered to be unsuccessful.

Course Completion (Retention) Rate - This is a measure of the number/percent of students who remain in the course after the census date until the end of the term. Students who withdraw after census date receive a grade of “W”.

Persistence - Persistence measures the percentage of students enrolled in one term who re-enroll in a subsequent term. Any student who received a degree, certificate, or who transferred in the time between the terms is excluded from the calculation.

Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH) - This is a measure of the number of students enrolled in a course multiplied by the number of hours the course meets per week. If a class meets for three hours a week and has 30 students enrolled, the WSCH is 90.

Full-Time Equivalent Faculty (FTEF) - One full time faculty member teaching the equivalent of a full load of classes during a single primary term equals 1 FTEF or 100% load. Each course is assigned a “load” percentage that is based on the number of hours the course meets. Most courses that meet three hours per week are assigned a .20 or 20% load.

WSCH/FTEF - This calculation, often referred to as “productivity,” is the number of weekly student contact hours (WSCH) generated per load assigned for each course. The college’s state funding is based on the number of contact hours generated by students. Measuring contact hours generated per load provides a way to evaluate how effective instructional resources are being allocated.

Example: A class with enrollment of 35 students that meets three hours per week generates 105 WSCH (35 students x 3 hours). A typical load for a course that meets three hours per week is .20 or 20%. The productivity for this course equals WSCH/Load or 105/.20 = 525. The same course with enrollment of 20 students generates a productivity of 60/.20= 300.