Westside Works

Great Reasons To Start An Apprenticeship Program

  1. Support from Westside Works, a West Hills Community College District initiative
  2. Offers low-cost or free instruction for registered apprentices in specific occupations
  3. Best option for meeting the critical local workforce demand
  4. Saves costs over hiring skilled workers who must also be trained to organizational standards as employers must train new hires anyway
  5. Leads to well-paying jobs for our community members as employers put more local jobseekers to work; enhancing the local, rural economies
  6. Issues completer an industry recognized, formal credential, including a state certificate and a state-issued journeyperson card
  7. Provides employers a fresh pool of candidates; entry-level job seekers with an eagerness to work and learn
  8. Can empower employers to develop their own workforce from within; no need to compete for talent
  9. Offers recruits a quality workplace learning experience as apprentices are mentored by organizational leaders and other skilled workers on the job
  10. Implements progressive wage increases as skills are mastered, fostering employee dedication and loyalty
  11. State employment laws permit education to be made a condition of employment and authorizes non-paid time when employee is in classes related to a registered apprenticeship
  12. Eliminates the need for expensive recruitment & training programs as training is at no cost, and recruits are more easily accessible
  13. Reduces the high cost of labor turnover; “94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development” (Linked In 2018 Workplace Learning Report)
  14. Uses available public school facilities for required classroom instruction
  15. Waives Community College tuition for state-registered apprentices
  16. Offers employees college credit and a pathway to a degree
  17. Delivers potential funding to offset training, outreach, and staffing costs in the form of grants and college apportionment

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