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How Apprenticeship Can Be A Resource For Employers

  • When an organization chooses to implement an apprenticeship program, Westside Works can provide the following assistance:

    • Consults with the organization’s internal team (apprenticeship committee) for the development of the apprenticeship program standards
    • Suggests appropriate instruction from available West Hills College courses. For-credit courses are free to in-state apprentices in a registered apprenticeship program.
    • Provides guidance in launching, recruiting, and administering the apprenticeship program
  • Hiring skilled workers not only costs more in wages but also requires training and other resources to acclimate a new employee to plant standards, equipment, and organizational culture. However, apprentices start as trainees with lower wages and learn under journey-level workers, subject matter experts, or supervisors. Supplemented with low-cost or free related education at a community college, on-the-job training - with wage increases as skills are mastered - develops a strong workforce that assists the organization in operating efficiently and profitably.

  • It is quite common for workers to leave an organization for a better opportunity elsewhere. However, from loyalty breeds loyalty. Offering growth opportunities such as apprenticeship, in lieu of hiring skilled workers from outside of the organization, secures a more reliable, sustainable workforce. Promoting and training within drives momentum, determination, and optimism among employees.

  • Local jobseekers or incumbent workers with limited job skills are eager to compete for an opportunity to earn pay while learning a profession. Employer-sponsored apprenticeship programs often benefit from tuition-free college courses for apprentices and apprentices are motivated to master job skills as they seek to achieve step increases on a wage scale designed by an employer specifically for an apprentice. Offering apprenticeship opportunities to your current workers and the community alleviate the expense of paying entry-level workers higher incomes in an era of inflated degrees.

  • Apprenticeship programs attract local jobseekers who are willing to learn and earn. Trainees earning wages with living-wage potential often refer their friends to an organization that invests in their development. Workforce creation takes a village and rural communities are ready, willing, and able to assist when provided opportunities to grow.

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