Westside Works

A Call to Action

Westside Works is a Call to Action. Its mission is to ultimately change lives and foster economic and community development by training and employing the very people who have the ability to transform their own rural communities.

If we want to tackle the critical skilled labor shortage AND the weakening economic conditions in our rural Westside, we first have to help get our neighbors trained and working.

Westside Works joins industry leaders and educators dedicated to making a difference by administering an innovative, state-registered apprenticeship program that promises to develop a skilled workforce from within our own small, local communities that make up the Westside. Local, committed employers recruit entry-level job candidates or low-skilled incumbent workers as apprentices, rather than recruiting expensive, skilled workers from afar or from among each other's labor force. Unemployed and underemployed community members are provided the opportunity to compete for apprentice positions that will transform into highly skilled, sustainable careers in agriculture and manufacturing industries. The program develops fresh talent and produces new leaders for the 21st Century. New industry partners and employer sponsors are always welcome. For more information contact: Corinna Pereira at 559-934-2168.

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