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5 Steps To Starting An Apprenticeship Program

Westside Works, a West Hills Community College District initiative, provides employers, employer associations, and/or labor organizations support and training for apprenticeship program development and administration. In addition, West Hills College Lemoore and West Hills College Coalinga offer free or low-cost, for-credit courses to registered apprentices

Develop Your Ideal Apprentice Job
Develop your ideal apprentice job description and an appropriate wage progression scale
Contact the Westside Works
Contact the Westside Works Apprenticeship Director for a list of recommended West Hills College courses available to supplement apprentice’s on-the-job learning
Develop Your Organization’s Apprenticeship Training Standards
Work in partnership with the Westside Works’ Apprenticeship Director and a designated state Apprenticeship Representative to develop your organization’s apprenticeship training standards and obtain state approval for your program
Recruit and Select Your Apprentice
Recruit and select your apprentice(s) 
Onboard Your Apprentice
Onboard apprentice(s) and assign in-house supervision and training from a qualified journeyperson, subject matter expert, or supervisor
Apprentices are employees of your organization. Employers may select apprentices internally, externally, or both. Many colleges post local jobs to current and graduating college students through online career search portals and at campus career centers. West Hills Colleges offers business and industry FREE use of our Jobspeaker recruitment platform for posting jobs, apprenticeships, and internships to local students and graduates. Register for Jobspeaker and start posting your jobs today!
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