West Hills Community College District Celebrates Overwhelming Support for Name Changes from Students and Communities

Following the recent announcement of the name changes at the West Hills Community College District's cornerstone colleges, Coalinga College and Lemoore College, the district is thrilled to report an incredibly positive response from students and communities alike. The decision to rebrand has been met with widespread enthusiasm, underscoring the district's commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

Since unveiling the new names, Coalinga College and Lemoore College have received overwhelming support from students, faculty, alumni, and community members. The positive reception reflects a shared understanding of the colleges' unique identities and vital roles within their communities. This sense of pride in the new names and slogans is a testament to the district’s collective commitment to progress and growth.

"We are delighted to see such strong support for our name changes," said Dr. Kristin Clark, Chancellor of the West Hills Community College District. "The feedback from our students and communities affirms that these new names better reflect the essence of each college and resonate deeply with our stakeholders. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and embrace of this evolution."

Coalinga College's adoption of the slogan "Better Tomorrows Begin Here" and Lemoore College's empowering new motto, "Flex Your Future," have also been well-received, with students and staff embracing the forward-thinking messages they convey.

"We are excited to embrace our new identity and slogan," said Coalinga College President Dr. Carla Tweed. "It embodies our commitment to providing education, hope, direction, and a concrete path toward a brighter future for our students and community." 

"Our new slogan encapsulates our commitment to providing flexible spaces and services, highlighting our innovative nature. Our flexibility means we can meet students where they are, providing the support they need to succeed," said James Preston, President of Lemoore College.

The West Hills Community College District remains steadfast in its dedication to providing exceptional educational opportunities and resources to its students. As the district moves forward, it will continue to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation, guided by its enduring motto, "Once you go here, you can go anywhere."
For more information about the West Hills Community College District and its colleges, please visit www.westhillscollege.com.