Grants Office

Brian Boomer

Brian Boomer is the Director of the Grants Division. Brian has worked for the district since 2008 and is responsible for the pre-award (writing) and post-award (management) grant work for the district, its colleges, and our community stakeholders. Recognizing the role that supplemental funding plays in expanding services and bolstering support for student success across our vast service area, the Grants Division team aggressively seeks new funding opportunities. If you are interested in exploring innovative ways to serve our students and communities, please contact our team.


David Castillo

David Castillo is the Director of Skills Valley, the contract training and education arm of the district. David’s experience includes managing private businesses, teaching High School Career Technical Education courses such as automotive mechanics, residential construction, and welding, among others. As the Director of Skills Valley, David works closely with private industry and public agencies to provide in-need upskill training to employees and residents. David writes and manages grants that expand opportunities for career technical skills-building training to additional participants across the district.


Diana Enriquez

Diana Enriquez is the Director of the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP). The federally funded grant serves Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers and their dependents across our colleges, district, and communities. She manages a team serving Coalinga, Lemoore, Firebaugh, and their surrounding communities. Through implementing new and innovative practices that ensure WIOA compliance and objective completion, her leadership ensures NFJP has a broad and equitable reach. Her experience at the district includes pre- and post-award grant work since 2018, and she continues to support grant development efforts. Diana holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.


Ashlin Emiliano Mattos

Ashlin Mattos is the Grant Writer/Award Coordinator at WHCCD. With his experience in educational services; career technical education; and economic and workforce development, Ashlin supports the grant division and helps the colleges meet their respective missions by assisting in the grant writing process. He works with staff, faculty, grant Project Directors, and Principal Investigators from all district sites to help capture district and campus initiatives; design and implement them into fundable grant project narratives; and report on supplemental projects that promote student success. Ashlin has experience penning WIOA, STEM-focused, VTEA, and other state and private projects. Ashlin began working for WHCCD in 2021 and is originally from Hanford, CA. A product of the community college system, Ashlin is an alum of Cerro Coso Community College; has earned Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology; and holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from California State University, Fresno.


Cecilio Mora

Cecilio Mora is the Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), High School Equivalency (HEP), and West Hills Adult Education Consortium. He has 20 years of combined experience working for the district, serving special populations such as migrant and seasonal farmworkers, adult learners, at-risk youth, and disadvantaged students on the west side of Fresno County. His education includes an Associate of Arts Degree in Computers Information System from West Hills Community College Coalinga, a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Fresno State University, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Brandman University.


Monica Neff

Monica Neff is the Grant Accounting Supervisor for the district. After graduating from Lemoore College, she began working for the district’s Business Services in 2013. Monica’s student experience solidified her want to work for the district and serve residents across our service area. As the Grant Accounting Supervisor, Monica enjoys the staff diversity, working as part of a team, and, when time allows, having fun with co-workers, which she considers like a second family. 


Gabriel Riofrio

Gabriel Riofrio is the Grants Development Specialist within the Grants Division, located in Coalinga at the West Hills College District Office. As the Grants Development Specialist, he provides administrative and writing support to the sourcing, development, proposal, and securing of funding sources for on-going programs and one-time commitments that meet institutional priorities. Gabe has been with the district since 2013 and has experience in information technology, special education, and private industry that inform and guide grant submissions.