Interested in Advertising? Become an Advertising or Marketing Specialist!

Do you create digital designs? Were you good at persuading parents to buy your fundraising items for your elementary school growing up? Marketing and advertising might be the best fit for you! West Hills College degrees and certificates will help you prepare for your career in Marketing.

What do Advertisers and Marketers do?

Advertisers and Marketers are tasked to create or sell advertisements and do things such as buying or selling advertisement space in a publication, create signs using graphic design programs, and buying or selling television or radio advertisement time. Their firm or company can ask them to get a lease for outdoor advertisements, or they can persuade firms to use their display items. Advertisers and marketers also write material to promote the business or company they work for.

West Hills College degrees will give you the knowledge needed to eventually start your career as an Advertiser or a Marketer! By taking a degree or certificate program at West Hills College, you will learn the basics of marketing and advertising and do everything from developing your writing skills to learning how to develop websites.

What would I earn as an Advertiser or Marketer?

In 2018, the average wage for this field was $57,272. The amount that you make will depend many factors such as how large the business you’re working for it, if you’re freelance, or the area of California that you’ll be working in.

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