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Be sure to review the General Information & Limitations of High School Dual Enrollment prior to starting your application.
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Complete the Lemoore College application through CCCApply. If you have questions about the online application, Please contact our admissions department at (559) 925-3317.

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Dual Enrollment Form
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Once you have completed a Lemoore College admissions application, please submit the following Dual Enrollment Request form.

Class Registration and Follow-up
Registration and Follow-up Overview

Review our Registration and Follow-up guidelines for an overview of our class registration/enrollment process for High School Dual Enrollment students.

Get an Early Start on Your College Experience

Lemoore College's High School Dual Enrollment program is designed to provide current high school students the opportunity to get an early start on their college experience through college level instruction.

Key Information
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  • The term dual enrollment refers to students being enrolled—concurrently—in two different educational institutions. This means that a student enrolled in high school may be dual enrolled at a local institution of higher learning, in this case West Hills College Lemoore or West Hills College Coalinga. If students pass their college classes, they receive credit that may be applied toward their high school diploma and toward a West Hills College degree or certificate.

  • There are many advantages to participating in dual enrollment.

    • In some cases, the student may be able to attain an Associate’s degree at the same time or shortly after their high school graduation.
    • Dual enrollment is a cost‐efficient way for students to accumulate college credits because courses are free and taken through the local high school.
    • Participation in dual enrollment may ease the transition from high school to college by giving students a sense of what college academics are like.
  • Dual enrollment courses are different in that they are taught to the rigor of a college course. Students will be using the same textbooks and syllabi as they would if they were taking a class at West Hills College Lemoore/Coalinga. As such, please be aware that discussion topics and course materials are generally designed for adult students and may not be appropriate for younger students. Assignments will be graded using college rubrics and standards. The final grade the student receives in their dual enrollment class will be recorded on an official college transcript.

  • In some instances, if your student chose a section that meets face to face, you still will need to travel to the college campus. There are online options in which your student will not need to travel to the college campus. Please make sure your student has a conversation with their high school counselor to review our course schedule and the implications related to online education. Additionally, we have a small selection of courses taught at your student’s local high school.

  • Dual enrollment is a great option for many high school students. However there are some things to be aware of when taking a dual enrollment course.

    • If a student fails one of these classes it will negatively affect them on their high school transcripts and college transcripts.
    • Too many failed dual enrollment classes will jeopardize future college enrollment and possibly financial aid.
    • If a student needs additional support and is failing English, Math and has a low GPA, then college class may not be the best choice.
    • Financial aid has a 90 unit limit and thus dual enrollment courses must be carefully selected with the advice of a college counselor

    Remember: Participating in a dual enrollment class is an important decision and should involve a conversation between you, your student, and your high school counselor.

High School Dual Enrollment Video Guides
Frequently Asked Questions
General Info & limitations of HS Dual Enrollment

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Video Guides

Student guide for Dual Enrollment
Parent guide for Dual Enrollment
HS Official Guide for Dual Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

High School Dual Enrollment
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  • For Lemoore college dual enrollment students, please fill out the HS Dual Enrollment Course Drop Form. Students are advised to contact their instructor to check all drop dates for their respective course.

    For Coalinga college dual enrollment student, please contact Coalinga Dual Enrollment at whccdualenrollment@whccd.edu or via phone at (559) 934-2331




  • Courses vary at every high school. Some of the high schools are offering dual enrollment pathways while others are offering “stand alone” general education dual enrollment classes. Check with your high school counselor as to what dual enrollment courses are offered at your school.

  • General Information

    Bringing K-12, Industry, and Higher Education Together for Student Success. The Dual Enrollment Program at West Hills College Lemoore/Coalinga allows qualified high school students to earn college and high school credits at the same time while still attending High School.

    We encourage students, parents, and high school counselors to visit our FAQs section to get additional information on Dual Enrollment.



    • When a course has prerequisite requirements, students are required to have pre-existing knowledge to be successful in the course. For example, successful completion (a grade of C or better) is required in FLSPN 1 or a full year of high school Spanish is required to be considered for enrollment in FLSPN 2.
    • For courses with an English or math prerequisite, students must submit a copy of their high school transcripts for WHCL to evaluate whether the student meets the course prerequisite.
    • If the student has completed the prerequisite course at a different college, they must submit an unofficial transcript to receive a prerequisite waiver. The prerequisite requirement must be cleared prior to registration.
    • Dual enrollment students’ registration must be processed by a West Hills College Lemoore/Coalinga admissions official. Only those classes identified on the Dual Enrollment Request form will be allowed for enrollment.
    • Because dual enrollment student registration may not displace or reduce access for adult college students, high school students are not permitted to be placed on a waitlist or register for courses with a waitlist.
    • After officially enrolling in classes, a dual enrollment student will not be able to make changes to their class schedule. However, dual enrollment students may use other functions available such as paying fees, printing a class schedule, etc.
    • Please contact the Office of Admissions and Records if you have questions regarding adding or dropping courses. Dual enrollment students must adhere to all established deadlines and dates as published in the academic calendar. Changes to a dual enrollment student’s schedule must be requested by submitting a revised Dual Enrollment Request form.
    • All students requesting to add a course on or after the first day of class must also contact the instructor to request authorization to add before registration can be processed. Add authorization is granted at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Dual Enrollment English Multiple Measures

    • Students with a high school GPA of 2.6 and above are ENG 001 eligible.

    • Students with a high school GPA below 2.6, the English Co-Req is highly recommended.

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