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Transferring to a 4-year college?

Lemoore College's Transfer Services provides transfer information to help students transfer to four-year colleges. We guide students through the transfer process by ensuring they meet the necessary admissions requirements at the universities they plan to attend. Our transfer options include California State University (CSU), University of California (UC), Independent California Colleges and Universities, and out-of-state universities.

To schedule an appointment with a counselor, call (559) 925-3130. If you are part of a program such as EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, DSPS or other please contact (559) 925-3330.

Application Filing Periods

California State University (CSU)
Term Application Filing Period
Winter June 1st - June 30th
Spring August 1st - August 31st
Fall October 1st - November 30th
University of California (UC)
UC Map
Term Application Filing Period
Winter July 1st - July 31st
Spring July 1st - July 31st
Fall October 1st - November 30th

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