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If you cannot find the answer to your question or if you need to schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor please call (559) 925-3130 or (559) 925-3317

If you need to schedule an appointment with a CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE or DSPS counselor or advisor please call (559) 925-3330.

For all other campus services, you can reach us at (559) 925-3000.


CARE Teams

Concern. Activate. Remedy. Evaluate.

Your CARE team is here to help you succeed by providing support to address your needs inside and outside of the classroom. CARE teams are based on major.

CARE Team Counselor Adjunct Counselor/Academic Advising Specialist
Arts and Letters/ Child Development Liliana Renner
Counselor      (559) 925-3128
Carol Moreno                  Adjunct Counselor    (559) 925-3334
Career Technical Education (CTE)

Liliana Renner
Counselor     (559) 925-3128

Jesus Hernandez
Adjunct Counselor     
Health Careers/Allied Health Rupinder Rai                Counselor
(559) 925-3908
Sze Ki Liu                       Adjunct Counselor
(559) 925-3320
Math and Science/ Pre-Professional Leonel Burgos              Counselor
(559) 925-3213
Katherine Mize                Adjunct Counselor
(559) 925-3225
Pre-Enrollment Services  Dual Enrollment 

Teresa Quilici                Counselor
(559) 925-3212

Mayra Villegas             Academic Advising Specialist  (559) 925-3248

Jose Murrieta                Academic Advising Specialist    (559) 925-3249

Cristina Cardoso (DSPS)  Academic Advising Specialist
(559) 925-3307

Social Science/ Administration of Justice (AOJ) Marta Hendrickson        Counselor
(559) 925- 3280

Mandy Hubanks              Adjunct Counselor (559) 925-3654

Affinity Teams

Your Affinity team is here to help you succeed by providing support services specific to each program.

Affinity Team Counselor  Adjunct Counselor/Academic Advising Specialist
Athletics Carol Moreno
Adjunct Counselor
(559) 925-3334

Giselle Simon                  Counselor
(559) 925-3324

Pa Vang
Adjunct Counselor Counselor
(559) 925-3323
Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS)

Derek Lopez                    Counselor
(559) 925-3257

Jennifer Twist-Greene
Counselor/LD Specialist
(559) 925-3338

Cristina Cardoso                  Academic Advising Specialist
(559) 925-3307

Valerie Alvarado
Adjunct Counselor
(559) 925-3351

Dream Achievers/CAMP  

Yesenia Valle                        Academic Advising Specialist (HEP & CAMP) 
(559) 925-3691

Carolina Jurado                    Academic Advising Specialist (Dream Achievers)        (559) 925-3211

EOPS/CARE Wendy Denney            Counselor
(559) 925-3378

Giselle Simon                Counselor
(559) 925-3324

Eva Jimenez                        Academic Advising Specialist
(559) 925-3431

Pa Vang
Adjunct Counselor
(559) 925-3323

Veterans Derek Lopez                    Counselor
(559) 925-3257
Jan Young
(559) 925-3216
Umoja   Angela Barginear                  Academic Advising Specialist (559)925-3373