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Interested in Becoming a Bartender?

Are you a social person? Do you want to impress others with your incredible drink-making skills? Consider making bartending your future career! West Hills College’s certificate programs will make your dreams possible as they combine regular lectures with unique hands-on training.

What does a Bartender do?

Being a bartender requires being very social. By interacting with the customers, you can determine their preferences and offer recommendations through conversation. Bartenders must know all of the recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are listed on the menu. Because of this, they must have good customer service skills. They almost must be able to keep their patrons under control and happy. At Lemoore College, the certificate program that you undertake will give you the hands-on experience necessary to be successful in this career. By taking on one of Lemoore College's certificate programs, you are one step closer to starting your career as a bartender!

What would I earn as a Bartender?

In California, the average annual pay for a bartender in 2021 was $32,653, but you can earn more depending on where and how much you work.

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