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Take Advantage of General Education for Transfer

Students interested in transferring to a four-year university after attending West Hills College can easily prepare themselves and earn all of the necessary units to transfer with the General Education for Transfer Certificate. Students can earn the CSU General Education-Breadth Certificate or an Intersegmental General Education Transfer (IGETC) Certificate.

What Can You Do With a General Education for Transfer Certificate?

Earning a CSU General Education-Breadth Certificate will allow you to meet all of the General Education-Breadth Requirements for the California State University so that you may transfer to a CSU. These are the minimum requirements for a CSU and the Breadth Certificate helps a student to meet them quickly and with ease.

Following the IGETC and earning an IGETC certificate helps a student who is undecided about which college they want to ultimately transfer to or which major they pursue to fulfill their lower-division, general education course requirements for CSU, University of California and some private colleges. Students who follow the IGETC pattern will be able to transfer to either a CSU or UC without the need to take any additional general education courses after transfer. While IGETC isn’t the only way to fulfill the general education requirements at a CSU or UC, it is a very easy way to do so.

What is the Benefit of this Certificate?

Completing the lower division GE requirements may improve a transfer applicant’s chances for admission to a competitive campus and/or program.

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