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What Can You Do With a Health Careers Degree or Certificate?

Students interested in a career in the health care field have many options to choose from at West Hills College. West Hills College offers degrees in Kinesiology, Health Science- Pre-Professional, Nursing, and an LVN to AD Degree in Nursing and a Psychiatric Technician AA/AS. We also offer a Kinesiology AA for Transfer. Students can also earn a LVN to RN Non-Degree Certificate, a Psychiatric Technician Certificate or take a Certified Nursing Assistant course.

What Can You Do With a Health Careers Degree or Certificate?

West Hills College’s health careers degrees and certificates prepare students for specific careers in healthcare in kinesiology, nursing, and psychiatry and also provides the necessary education for students looking to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree or further training or certification in a particular field. Many of the degrees and certificates also afford students the opportunity to qualify to take the licensure exam for that field. For instance, students who graduate from our accelerated Psychiatric Technician or Nursing programs graduate qualified to take the California licensure exams for those jobs and quickly go to work.  Kinesiology opens up the opportunity for students to pursue a career as an athletic trainer or physical trainer.

Our degrees also prepare students to transfer if they wish to build on their education. Those who earn an AA for Transfer are guaranteed admission into a California State University if other eligibility requirements are met.

Depending on which degree or certificate you choose, our Health Careers program will launch you into an exciting career in sports medicine, nursing, psychiatry, and more.

What Can I Earn?

A health careers degree or certificate will enable you to make an excellent living. In California in 2018, the average wage for a psychiatric technician in 2018 was $60,552 while the average wage for a registered nurse in California was $102,370. Athletic trainers made an average of $50,489 in California in 2018. 

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