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Want to Become a Social Worker?

Are you passionate about helping and improving the lives of other people? Want to make a difference in a struggling child’s or adult’s life? Social work might be the perfect career for you! West Hills College Lemoore offers certificate programs that will give you the skills necessary to become successful in your future career as a social worker!

What do Social Workers do?

In general, a social worker helps to improve the psychological and social function of a child and their family. The ways that a social worker would achieve this goal are by assisting the parents of that child, arranging their adoption, or finding a foster home for children who were neglected, abused, or abandoned. With fostering cases, a social worker may find themselves working with the juvenile system. A social worker can also specialize in helping the elderly or with a school.

In the case of the elderly, a social worker will help them and their families by creating a support group, help them with work-related stress, and advise them about long-term care, housing, and other services. With schools, a social worker will be the bridge between the family and the school. The job of a social worker in this scenario is to help the student reach their personal and academic potential. They identify the student’s misbehavior and monitor any illegal or harmful activity and advise teachers on how to help a student exhibiting that behavior.

West Hills College Lemoore’s certificate programs can help you in your future career as a social worker by preparing you for what’s in store in this career. 

What would I make as a Social Worker?

The average salary of a Californian social worker in 2021 was $63,910 per year.

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