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Thinking of Becoming a Sociologist?

Do you have an interest in learning about and teaching others about human interaction and social workings? Consider becoming a sociologist. West Hills has degree programs that will give you the knowledge and preparation necessary to transfer to a four-year university and work toward your future career as a sociologist!

What do Sociologists do?

A sociologist analyzes various groups of a business, social, and religious nature and analyzes how humans interact within them. Specifics that they look for in these groups are the behaviors of the people in them, their origin and growth if they are an older organization, and the influence the group has on the individuals. Others ways to collect information on human interaction is to conduct surveys or interviews. Sociologists report their findings in research papers and publications for other sociologists to examine. A sociologist may also find themselves teaching at a high school or college level. If you go into teaching or find yourself out on the field, Lemoore College’s degree program will prepare you for what you will encounter with this career.

What would I make as a Sociologist?

In 2021, the average salary for a sociologist in California was $108,354

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