What Do Surveyors Do?

Do you love details? Are you an exacting person? Consider a career as a surveyor and you can measure the world! West Hills College Lemoore’s Geography Programs will prepare you for this exciting career.

What Do Surveyors Do?

Surveyors make exact measures to determine property boundaries and also provide data about land features and details about the shape, contour, location and dimensions of land for engineering, mapmaking, construction and other purposes.

With West Hills College Lemoore's Geography Program, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge and skill sets needed to become surveyor. While studying geography at West Hills Lemoore, you’ll learn about using maps and other tools while gaining an understanding of how physical processes shape the planet we live on. Learn about how and why groups of people migrate across the earth and other ways geography affects humans.

What would I make as a Surveyor?

In 2021, the average wage for a surveyor in California was $101,817.

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