Balancing Your Time Efficiently: The Journey of Part-Time Students at West Hills College Lemoore

At West Hills College Lemoore, we believe in catering to the diversity of our students' schedules. Attending school part-time can often be the best solution for those who are balancing work, family obligations, and other significant aspects of life. And guess what? We're ready to support you every step of the way.

Flexible Class Schedules

Dealing with work, family, and school schedules simultaneously can be tricky for some. That's why West Hills College Lemoore offers a multitude of class schedules, including daytime, evening, and even weekend classes. This variety of options makes it easier for part-time students to keep up with their education while managing other important elements of their lives.

Online and Hybrid Learning: Flexibility at Its Best

As technology becomes integral to our day-to-day activities, West Hills College Lemoore has hopped onto the e-learning bandwagon. We offer online and hybrid classes, allowing our students to complete their coursework from almost anywhere, anytime. Our online platform lets you control your education, which can significantly help you juggle work and family commitments.

Comprehensive Support for Every Student

At West Hills College Lemoore, we believe in customizing our approach to meet the needs of our students. We offer academic counseling to ensure part-time students have a clear vision and strategy to reach their goals. Furthermore, through tutoring services, students can obtain the individual help they need to excel in their subjects. By focusing on the unique needs of each student, we aim to set every part-time student on a path to success.

Easing Your Financial Burdens

Higher education can be a financial strain, regardless of whether you're a full-time or part-time student. Thankfully, West Hills College Lemoore offers various financial assistance options, including scholarships and grants, to relieve this stress. By providing necessary resources, we help part-time students concentrate on what's essential - their studies and future career goals, instead of worrying about financial constraints.

By offering flexible schedules, opportunities for online and hybrid learning, dedicated academic support, and financial assistance, West Hills College Lemoore is committed to helping part-time students thrive. Our supportive and inclusive environment ensures everyone can reach their educational and career goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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