Special Programs

The 2019-2020 course catalog requires a revision. The following sub section should read as follows:

Non-Traditional Credit and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Options


Advanced Placement Examinations

West Hills College Lemoore will grant unit credit to those students who participate in the Advanced Placement Examinations offered by the College Examination Board. Students will receive unit credit, not a letter grade, with scores of 3 or higher for purposes of general education requirements, graduation and/or advanced placement into West Hills College Lemoore courses. In order to receive credit, a student must be currently enrolled at West Hills College Lemoore.

  • Students must submit their requests and have their official copy of The College Board test scores forwarded to the West Hills College Lemoore Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Requests should be made prior to registration, or as soon as possible during the first semester of attendance.
  • No duplication of credit will be allowed for students who complete or will complete any courses equivalent to those covered by the examination.
  • Students should understand that some transfer institutions do not allow and/or limit credit by examination.

Please refer to the Advance Placement Conversion table found at https://westhillscollege.com/documents/whccd-ap-chart.pdf. This chart illustrates what WHCCD will award students for successful completion of an AP exam. It also displays what credit WHCCD will award toward the certification of CSU GE Breadth and IGETC. This does not guarantee or imply the CSU or UC institutions will accept or award credit in the same manner.