Business - Entrepreneurship

Business - Entrepreneurship Local Certificate

The Entrepreneurship local certificate prepares students to start, run, and manage a new or existing business and addresses basic issues potential entrepreneur’s encounter. This certificate identifies methods for developing an individual’s business idea(s), its feasibility, the process of starting a business, how to acquire necessary resources, and the key parts of a business plan (development and execution). Students will develop an understanding of legal issues, marketing, financing, entrepreneurial resources, and complex tasks faced by individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
BUS 007 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BUS 032 Small Business Management 3
CIS 002G Introduction to E-Commerce 3
Total 9

This is a recommended sequence of courses for timely completion of this program. Please see your counselor to formalize your personalized educational plan or for alternative planning.