Business Office Technologies

Business Office Technologies AA

The Business Office Technologies program offers a variety of certificates and an AA degree program that guide students toward successful employment in business and government.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate accurate text and data entry using a standard keyboard and/or numeric keypad at expected entry-level occupation production rate.
  • organize correspondence and locate business documents by applying the 12 alphabetic and numeric filing rules.
  • compose complex business letters, reports and employment applications choosing the appropriate delivery means.
  • demonstrate utilization of a variety of prevailing Microsoft office applications.
  • assess business situations from a manger’s prospective.

Associate Degree Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 18 semester units in a major or area of emphasis
  • Complete Local General Education and District requirements
  • Complete elective units for total of 60 degree applicable semester units
  • Complete all required courses for the major or area of emphasis, English, and math with a “C” or better
  • Obtain an overall minimum grade point average of 2.0
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
BUS 002 Introductory Keyboarding 3
BUS 003 Intermediate Keyboarding 3
BUS 013A Word for Windows I 1.5
BUS 013B Word for Windows II 1.5
BUS 020 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 050 Employability Skills 1
BUS 052 10-KEY Mastery 1
BUS 067 Filing and Records Management 2
CIS 008 Microcomputer Operating Environment 1
CIS 021 Desktop Publishing 3
CIS 034 Introduction to Spreadsheets 3
Electives BUS 001A, 015X, 018, 024, 035, 055, CIS 007, 019B 3
Total 29

This is a recommended sequence of courses for timely completion of this program. Entry in to transfer level English and is math required to follow this recommended sequence. Please see your counselor to formalize your personalized educational plan or for alternative planning.

  • BUS 0033
  • BUS-013A & 013B3
  • BUS 0501
  • AREA-C3
  • AREA-D3
  • ELECTIVE-001-0492
  • 15