Geology AS-T

The Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer degree trains individuals in the physical aspects and history of the earth. Geologists, in general, are analytical, curious, able to work as a team, and are required to communicate effectively. The Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer degree is designed to prepare students for a seamless transfer into the CSU system to complete a baccalaureate degree in Geology or similar major.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • define and demonstrate understanding of terms and concepts used during the courses
  • describe and explain Geographic patterns as they related to the courses
  • describe and analyze maps relative to physical/cultural people and places
  • demonstrate and understanding of geographical factors as they relate to physical and cultural diversity around the world
  • demonstrate an understanding of human/environment interactions and consequences of these interactions

Associate Degree for Transfer requirements (pursuant to SB 1440):

  • Complete a minimum of 18 semester units in a major or area of emphasis
  • Complete IGETC or CSU General Education – Breadth requirements
  • Complete total of 60 CSU transferable semester units
  • Complete all required courses for the major or area of emphasis with a “C” or better
  • Obtain an overall minimum grade point average of 2.0
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
GEOL 001 Physical Geology With Lab 4
GEOL 003 Historical Geology 4
CHEM 001A General Chemistry I 5
CHEM 001B General Chemistry II 5
MATH 001A Introduction to Calculus 5
MATH 001B Calculus With Applications 5
Total 28
CSU-GE-B or IGETC requirements (allowing double counting) 37-39
CSU Transferable Electives 0-2
Total 60

This is a recommended sequence of courses for timely completion of this program. Entry in to transfer level English and math is required to follow this recommended sequence. Please see your counselor to formalize your personalized educational plan or for alternative planning. Recommended completion of MATH 015 prior to starting program pathway.

  • CHEM 001B5
  • HIST-017A or 017B3
  • Area D3
  • Area C1/23
  • 14