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How to Get a Job Interview

Sometimes when you're looking for work nothing can be more discouraging than not getting an interview. Let's face it, we've all been there. It's hard when you continually re-design your resume and adjust your cover letter for all those different job applications, and yet your phone never rings.

We feel you.

We're here to give you all the advice we can on how to get that much sought after job interview.

There are many ways to get a job interview, but the ways that are most common (aka most successful) are:

Employee Referral: This is when a friend of yours who is currently working somewhere puts a good word in for you with their employer.

Recommendation: Make a list of all the people you know who work for a company you would like to work for. Reach out to them to see if there are any openings. If so, ask them how they could connect you to the manager for an interview. If you can meet the manager then you'll have a leg up on the competition through showing initiative and ambition.

Employer Career Sites: Most companies have a section on their website where they list their current openings that also has an "apply" option.

Recommendation: Make a list of any company you would want to work for. Visit their websites and review any and all job postings you would like to be hired for. If you can, print out these different job descriptions. Update your resume and cover letter according to each one of these postings (be sure to save as PDF's), then go back into the application site and apply. You'll have lined up your resume and cover letter to the skills listed and you'll be able to apply for multiple jobs all within an afternoon. Plus, by printing the job descriptions you'll be able to review it before you go to the interview.

Job Boards: These are sites such as Monster, Indeed, or Glassdoor.

Recommendation: WHCL has its own online job board. This means that there are many local job opportunities (and even internship and volunteer opportunities!) that they get posted regularly - all for your benefit! The other job boards listed above wont have opportunities that are in line with the needs of a college student or a new graduate that's wanting to get their foot in the door with a company. Since there are paid college staff all over the valley trying to find YOU great opportunities that they post to our job board so be sure to check it out.

Job Fairs & Open Houses: Large events that are either hosted by a local city/county organization or hosted by the company.

Recommendation: If this type of event is EVER happening in your area GO! Where else will you get the opportunity to meet dozens of recruiters, face to face, all in one day? Nowhere - that's where! Make sure to dress professionally and have multiple copies of your resume printed if you're planning on attending one of these events.

Temporary Employment Agencies: These places are match-makers for employers who need to hire and job-seekers.

Recommendation: Google "employment agencies" in your area for a list. You'll want to make sure to call them to see what steps you'd need to follow to get registered with them. The next step would be meeting with an agent there. Upon this appointment be sure to dress professionally and bring your updated resume. After this meeting you will have an agent (like a movie star!) who will try to find a great job that fits your needs.

Career Centers: The WIN Center!

Recommendation: Come by the WIN Center in room 275 and we'll figure out what employment options are currently available. We also have great community connections, so if you're looking for something specific that may not be posted we can reach out to our community partners in an attempt to get you your dream position.

Hopefully, these examples have helped you brainstorm other ways to get a job interview. Once you get that interview request visit us in the WIN and we'll help you with mock-interview prep and give you come great professional clothese through our Eagle Closet!

Don't give up on your career goals - we're here to help!