Measure T Bond Language

Ballot Proposition Full Text

To increase student access to computers; maintain and upgrade educational software; keep pace with 21st century technological innovations; and significantly reduce borrowing costs, shall West Hills Community College District issue $20,000,000 of short-term bonds with the interest rates at or below the legal limit, independent citizen oversight, and no money for administrator/teacher salaries, so long as all funds are spent locally and cannot be taken by the State?

Measure T Bonds Planned to be issued in Four Series

Date Term Amount
2015 4 Years $4,200,000
2019 4 Years $4,800,000
2023 4 Years $5,300,000
2027 4 Years $5,700,000
Total $20,000,000


Bond Program Assumptions
Maximum Est. Tax Rate $10.00
Avg. Est. Tax Rate $9.87
AV Growth Assumption 3.00 %